1996 Socialist Labour Party Launch Press Conference

We would withdraw from the European Common Market we would give a commitment the full employment would be the order of the day we would abolish all the uncertainty and legislation introduced by the tourists since 1979 and we would appear to the imagination charters on freedom of association those are fundamental questions that need addressing we have addressed it no.

Other party will give you that commitment that is scuttling in the next general election all of the social sale can I just add to that as well your question implies that we’re going to be threatening new labor laborers don’t have to take on board the factory bag mr.

Four of the candidates that we have already agreed shop and test the next general election for socialist.

Labor from the black or Asian community well that’s not going to be enough announcer I’m not opposed to a referendum giving them incentives and money there well the only time I’ve had any dealings with Sir James Goldsmith is when his foundation has funded legal actions against it I doubt whether the BBC or ITV would give us a.

Donation but if you’re meant to do it well welcome yes please which trade unions you’re having this it depends what you need my trade unions if you mean by trade union leadership.

All the official structures because the first time I’ve already indicated that we have a dock of any trade union affiliations although we have a number of.

Applications affiliation on the other hand it’s fair to say that one trade union I’ve already got a majority of their exact.