Rimworld Beta 19: Ep 107 – Pegs To Riches – Rich Explorer Cassandra Classic

Hello mobsters and welcome back to the movies archives this is zero host movies Rex now we’re playing rim world okay having Jude here doing double cooking duty really excellent what does real doing he’s putting helmets where they should be and then hauling I have a feeling you’re hauling maybe it is because this area is didn’t have any space.

Let’s actually change up this storage a bit shrink this zone there I think we removed some of the VAT.

Zone here we’re going to create a new zone zone here well change the details clear all copy these settings paste them here we’ll expand this soon out to this area that and see if real halls.

Reorder stuff puts things so he’s just hauling stuff around and from making number two no you’re eating we’re socializing and then you’re gonna go to sleep huh curious so we’ve got one good helmet out of that and jockey put it on we can know I’ve been researching stuff we can make prosthetics we.

Need prosthetic leg just need steel anyone can.

Do it don’t think there’s a bad prosthetic leg yes there is I don’t know just gonna check we just have one person with missing body parts left leg peg leg and there’s an old gunshot in your leg I don’t think that’s enough for us to chop it off I don’t think we can make prosthetic nose as yet.

Yeah we prodded you and your nose you are getting to good medicine I just went through everybody just making sure I knew what they were doing your harrowing oh you’re hauling components why don’t you go this way that was weird this needs to be hold that shouldn’t be in the door yeah I think we just have too.

Many crops we do need more buildings wondering how far in we can mine let’s just do a big mining order just to go like this now to hear because that might just give us free building space in fact we have this space here we have this space here we can do instead of the dog dumping stuff talk.

Wheel deal of clear Oh low priority for raw vegetarian products.

And we just finished some vitals monitor good okay let me commit three crypto sleep caskets definite suspended animation interesting let’s get the bionics going so that was vegetarian products that should just be fruit berries corn I’m actually gonna say no berries.

Because this is just ten it’s getting cold I just leave.

It rough um guess even let’s make.

Sure that this can still smoke leaves as well where is it plant matter yeah make.

Sure we could get overall plant matter in there just so it’s.

Not left outside to decay actually they will decay if it’s not it’s outdoors and roof so this is low priority but at least haul it there get stuff done alright so the orbital trade bill can it’s up no power why missing wire.

That’s fine now we can actually create a stockpile storage we’re all and what would we want here well let’s actually copy the general stockpile from here and paste it in here then we want to remove stuff we don’t.

Want armor no plant matter no wart nothing that’s going to go bad in heat I.

Think nutria I mean can’t go there as well drugs probably not medicine probably not textiles I don’t think we’ll put.

Number of them let’s allow textiles.