Rimworld Beta 19: Ep 107 – Pegs To Riches – Rich Explorer Cassandra Classic

To be moved over and no foods except I’ll just leave no foods off right now think that’ll do and we’re going.

To make that preferred so we should see a bunch of stuff being moved from this storage this storage especially since this.

Storage can hold foods in this storage can’t just make sure that there is build roof area on the thing should work now cannot build a roof or a poplar tree will cut it down orders drop wood hey the plague billiards excellent jockey after done this dick struck those walls and we need roof.

Do you have a build roof area here and we’ll just just for fat and in that and the door they will just get what temper for.

You this slate let’s get some matching floors put down and Cole not done for this room this room has turned into it’s still a dining room even though it has a game don’t we blow has Billy do we not I just realized we don’t have a chest table do we creation chest table get.

Done with this ages ago then just rinse.

Don’t this one here rinsed out you here I want to get this table moved out so we can build a bigger.

Table assuming that we can serve more people at once thinking yeah we want to put that table here so I want to move you here back here and get this moved I don’t know elsewhere uninstalled just just unstoppable and then once this stuff is.

Done we can get the new table then I’m gonna actually get people who ran off real can you work there just once please Hey oh good trade ship Chuck it what type of inspiration give creativity Rio okay guess what send me some nine called bulk goods trader we.

Have a him no unless our hand they have cats very tempting get a group of cats do you think they’re trainable no can’t be trade just sad rebutted lower-grade corn we could sell them for a little bit I’m gonna keep a lot of this other corn and I think these lure grape berries can be sold to them probably spoiling or something like that potatoes rice no or fairies I guess this is from the strawberries probably unfertilized chicken eggs we should be using that for.

Cooking wow that’s a lot of camfil let’s give them 500 in this nope wrong way negative 500 of this that’s better with us money we watch or neuter I mean because we’ve been.

Using it to make peanut sauce Eileen we can sell up a lot.

Of this cloth let’s get rid of the low-grade cough and to lure greater power rule they really like the devil strand tempt it let’s get rid of the stuff we have low quantities skins of under 100 right now and the pen Thera fur tempted to keep that fox fur no we have smoke leaf leaves such as good cell hops good.

– so more smoke leaf leaves good to sell more hops you just haven’t gotten to production of this stuff just had too much other stuff to.

Do buy all their beer give our people a little bit of reward get rid of some of our low quality things again poor cloth jacket let me bow.

Eventually get making stuff well alright except that trade a high-priority haul here yeah that’s just silver that doesn’t go bad it actually does in real life it actually becomes a little tainted well not tainted but uh we also have more devil strand.

Here that we couldn’t weaved off but it becomes tarnished that’s what I was thinking wow you just install this Chucky where’s it going Rissa.

Stunning going yeah to change care well let live Rio do this but I’m still.

Doesn’t do it himself I don’t know he’s working on other stuff after he’s done this’ll we’ll figure it out but we do want to get helmets for everyone keep people’s brain casings intact um didn’t we get prosthetics I remember us making prosthetics specifically for ya thought we are making one of those right.

Here oh yeah let’s make my static leg I said maybe we should keep around a bunch of these make prosthetic legs I’m not gonna say normal at least we’re only gonna love people with ten crafting skill more on these okay and that.

Should restricted just to people who have good skill um did this get made are you doing on the prosthetic leg now okay that’s good.

That’s something we actually want we had to make so we.

Can get snappy little bit faster because she is moving is weakened because of.

The leg so that’s eight percent.

Because if the peg leg will find out those we have a successful static leg attached.

Make sure we have boom you love to in our.

Area and let’s actually try when you’re up for obedience slept in the cold what temperature is in here sixteen guess we have to bump this up let’s give it.

20 and maybe they won’t be sleeping in the cold anymore find out we need that morbol Rios sleeping so it’s just dude up who should just be making food Wow we’re running out of storage space here for food I’m actually thinking deconstruct this no Castle we know there’s going to be a problem with cooler breaking down or something like.

That and that’s gonna have to be replaced keep that going me be what we do is put a copy another door.

Here we can actually build a wall here that’s sandstone that’s a sandstone wall just for the wool would win wall would wall they’re just so people can get in though this room better you know be done when it’s done as they usually are do you have an excellent wood table so maybe instead of this marble table that’s trying to.

Get in we just install that King will.

Be less cranky and maybe what we have is first blocks we have a lot of slate no don’t build too much too fast cuz and nothing gets done right so you’re online now did the ship get out of range ship gone of range as.

Raid from the fearful pack they’re gonna prepare.

All right they’re gonna prepare kilt get you two men to steal Mordor for pairing up.

There so that gives us time get up here actually wait we don’t want kill to go man the mortar we want kilt to go prepare to fight and I’m letting anybody with a helmet and flak vest move over here first yeah we’re definitely.

Get more ho much made up very soon cuz that’s everybody running for helmets the only a handful of people I heard confident ready oh damn oops micromanage a little bit here because we have people watching people standing here oops grab someone I didn’t want to grab no i shift-click too.

Much David go get back in cover this someone we care about not really let’s finish off actually do we.