Rimworld Beta 19: Ep 107 – Pegs To Riches – Rich Explorer Cassandra Classic

Dear nope not really it’s too much cover out there I gave them too much cover let’s cancel this zone that’s not helping us any and there at the beginning they’re finally beginning how many are you left let’s go sue me where’s one of us before did you die in Pete grenades that’s gonna help I guess I’ll take out the turret lips has Molotov cocktails I’ll just be.

Annoying and we have grief who has a machine pistol Vala actually be something we need to deal with where is it buddy where’s Chucky the girl was there just slow don’t worry about it and I’m from it all and go ahead and no you needn’t least go six just finish.

Off Roger I put all this stuff here in an attempt to slow people down which maybe worked or not I don’t know rather if they have kind of they had.

Kind of crappy stuff so just leave it as is right now maybe if this is out of range for most people or the dumping stockpile just basically slow them down as they’re attacking so as long as the dumping stockpile is like outside of this range they’ll be slowed down that’d be fine we go and put walls up there to help them slow down basically funnel them in get that stuff.

Hold well do you hold these ones first just because weapons can be sold for a decent amount yeah no one really had anything we we wanted you guys stuck in there for a second lots in June pain what.

All right then you’re wearing pertain to flak that’s bright we don’t need you clear everything we’re decent stuff again and exalted straighter from was Wabo just turned up nice yeah we definitely one trade with them oh hey this is setup what can we do here smelt metal from slag sure.

Do until we have lots say 100 make sure we have 100 steel going at all times and then we can smoke weapons do forever details.

Leave weapons waned with range weapons quality zero to call it 50 and pretty much everything maybe not doomsday rocket launchers they seem useful charge rifles charge lenses cool I’m actually surprised that this doesn’t allow it this.

Doesn’t allow us to break down armor does this this does but we can’t recover anything from it so I’m going.

To hold off destroying armor until we know that we don’t need it until we get all this stuff working but no you’re smelting kind of don’t want Realty do it but we’ll let it will let this go for now that’s nice talk to cosmic they wanna boom elopes you can’t have them you have right no Souris hmm we’re running low on components actually let’s get those and.

You have glitter well medicine take some that we have prosthetics that they want maybe I should keep a stockpile of stuff instead of just having one prosthetic have more than one they have an architect leg someone needs a leg a pair of these can move the user as fast as a decent car that’s all the money we have I really wanted though.

That was the elephant’s tusk like what more money than we have this would actually make snappy pretty devastating especially if we got her two of them it repairs itself over time yeah let’s get staffy architec leg.

We are going to have to sell some stuff though our bull ups we could train up more blue mobs soft oh ok forehand well takes quite a bit to hit anything with mortar so keep a handful of EMP shells I want to keep the plasteel maybe since we can make prosthetic arms and legs let’s sell those off that brings us under our cost threshold we’ll keep the bow in.

The car because we can’t make that yet no bonnet spine is probably good to sell off the power cloth and that gives us an architect leg let’s accept that all right but until next time this has been movie strikes for the move sorry guys thank you very much for watching enjoy the episode leave us a like leave his call leave us your comments and suggestions back with.

You soon have a good day and a wonderful night bye bye.