Rimworld Beta 19: Ep 109 – Plague Ridden Boomalope – Rich Explorer Cassandra Classic

Hello mobsters I’m welcome back to the movie sir guys this is their host moose Rex and we are playing rim world we have this place full of storage and stuff I’m thinking we need to start moving some stuff about I’ll get another orbital tray be akin working get a copy of that I’m thinking use some of this some.

Of this we’ll use that one wall we use one of these walls we use this wall kind of want that rope Multi animalizer yeah great that allows us to.

Start switching over to maybe we start neat thinking about getting better defenses because apparently this is produced this heavy long way to autocannon which will be good.

Although I kind of wanted to move our way up into fabrication so we could get bionics decisions decisions we are going to get attacked soon we need to start using stuff but let’s build a company of this let’s call it here this is more central get.

A copy of that going and then get some more walls built so let’s get it’s a steel wall well what cancel let’s wow I guess that’s fine architect no miscellaneous wood tray beacon get what going right here just I kind of want to use the.

Steel wall for protection of it so I’ve got on the left here and then I’ll actually put it up one.

That’s like that and we’re going to run power from this line up plague for the animals that’s not good do not immediately get that could kill lots of stuff question mark because of some flag I’m thinking that might spread I’m.

Worried that that’s going to spread to other animals you need three plague for tending now yeah we need to make sure this animals tended as fast as possible so we can keep that Mindy up it actually the plague progression and the immune progression seems to be moving pretty fast the plague is progressing I.

Don’t know what we can I don’t know that we can save.

The boo elope you know what I think we’re gonna lose a boom elope so I’m.

Going to set the plague area here and so the boom elope could the plague area you might have to.
Tame another boom elope you we’re not.

Is 6% but 7% maybe we just have to keep on top of that all right.

That’s something else that’s troublesome you’re going up there so we just need walls built architects sir structure situation slate granite make this out of granite and there’s always problem with walls falling down around these things because they can cover too much space and from there they’ll get Arctic power conduit here and over here and up to here I don’t know how close it has to be how is our. 12% okay we tended them just in time did anybody else get sick don’t think so it’s gonna be hard because all our animals are out now pregnant that’s sick not sick as far as I know we just have needles having tattered apparel I think it’s this Campbell High duster that 50% cow says.
So you won’t have that for too long there’s already a cloth duster here.

That’s perfectly fine speed this long maybe we’ll be able to save the boom Oh anybody able to find the blue Muppet mate yeah boom rats on that house of wildlife looking there are boom Lopes who’s our boom of animals there’s a male boom lope let’s.