Rimworld Beta 19: Ep 109 – Plague Ridden Boomalope – Rich Explorer Cassandra Classic

Try to tame that one we’re also trying to get a female turkey for male.

Turkey just so that we’re making eggs now we can eat right what else we’ve got heaters good target temperature.

You have a heater in here as well.

So once this gets set up and hopefully we’ll set that up sooner than later this area will be we’ll set up for just for trading stuff that’s not gonna spoil this room is going to be for.

Spoil that’s why we have the cooler here it’s extra storage for our meats and and whatnot hey we got the turkey you named.

Her turkey – hello turkey – you don’t have to follow me around turkey to you we will train you turkey – between know your tape just don’t attack that surprises me.

But you could we could have boobs learn to release and SiC them on unsuspecting things but yeah you’re not following jockey so that’s fine I’m okay with that maybe what we.

Do hey people who have relations with OCONUS in the arriving group right arriving group laches.

Mother maybe both talk they won’t I don’t know there’s not really any.

Interaction stuff here going on let’s see I was actually thinking maybe.

Area we can’t we do have for storage maybe no.

Down here right so just build a roof.

Have a roof area here you just build it a little bit farther out and then add a stock house owned here and I’m just going to say storage clear all and only thing I want here is plastic because I’m tired of.

Seeing it lying around here so just so that we have some.

Put it put the plasteel up there cheaper working stone tile just paying attention what meals does to seek one of our critical people on here some flooring which is good which means we can once this gets done we can remove this wall and start expanding the place Oh.

Action we need to add more floor because slate here here in here just so that our people aren’t tracking in – too much dirt probably want to reinstall that outside here the jockey is creativity art or furniture will be two of levels higher than would otherwise be but maybe let’s actually first put a.

Floor wood floor in this room that’s something that’s been missing for a while and.

The other rooms that don’t have flooring that but that’s because of the moisture problem you guys.

Need flooring to make that sleep tile hold on you can make them red carpet put the slate tile down first then we’ll add.

Red carpet over it and then we’ll figure out who’s jealous of who else.

Because it’s probably sleep let’s just see red carpet has a beauty of – and what’s granite title as a beauty of one so we’ll roll out the red carpet for King we also need this made-up which requires marble.

I think and we don’t have marble here we might have some in the walls I don’t think we have like a good supply of marble just around but anything that we have that.

We’re saying building Marvel with me I thought we boiled it with marble we’ll have to be very choosy about what we build with marble consuming a fine meal we are getting fine.

Meals like the fact that we have multiple people here doing stuff so we get simple meal fine meals in we’ll start working on package survival meals this was just being used for simple meals that’s the fueled stove I can’t forbid that so they’ll always use that I’m actually thinking well honestly soon I and dude are gonna be working off schedule with each other oh it’s cleaning don’t was cleaning we’re just butchering too much not making enough fine meals so this is working its powering these.

Turrets and it will eventually power this as well hey bandit cap chief is Agora desert the bear ends nearby Kemp and waiting caravans you’ve asked us to destroy it outputs guard by they’ll give us a couple dusters that’s.

Gonna be annoying hey inspiration move.

Faster good planting so if we do have some one priority clean right it’s kilt hunting clean I’ve got that and we can actually start deconstructing these walls and we probably want to extend these tables still there TEKT furniture yeah I kind of want to put a table in there we’ll probably move this one put it elsewhere put it against the wall but somewhere just so that we have enough room for stuff.

And I’m actually think build this here just looks looks a little bit more even that’s just for it no don’t do that right now cancel here just a little bit worried about.

What goes where right now and about keeping this cool leave it cool jianchi I can I.

Get you to deconstruct that now they’ll give us marble to put on this dresser to make King a little bit happier because that’s the thing that’s gonna make people break the mics bists and I think architects recreation billiards table now we know how to make auto cannon turrets let’s switch to fabrication venden what was that for merchants hey welcome I don’t remember where this our pact of world came from it just appeared and you are injured are you injured you just.

Is that just more highlighting for us you got in a fight snuh when you’re up I’m through merchant hopefully they don’t.

Leave in the middle night it’s a nine now talk with treebo should be okay to do this Cobras they want to sauce Cobras we don’t think a little I could sell them are boom Lopes and team up a new one do you stop the plague ready develop immunity so you’re fine we.

Did get a second boom elope.

Yeah I know this know if I do this let’s sell them our steel clubs we have so many of them all of them nope or revolver it’s at 50% and some of our not great clothing let’s get rid of the poor stuff because if we have normal or better it’s good enough for us in fact we might want to start only wearing normal and good quality things I think that’s good let’s accept that I mean hopefully.

Trying to decrease some of the because trading is inefficient and I’m just hoping the wealth of our items drops over time you do have a lot of food though so that’s going to be good for us especially since we are making fine meals now and people.

Should be preferring that here in construction going on to don’t know where it is we got double strand harvest nice never give a demo strand harvest I think I just we got the billiards tables – where can we stick this honestly just gonna put that there just put the plant matter nope not that Devil strand.