Rimworld Beta 19: Ep 109 – Plague Ridden Boomalope – Rich Explorer Cassandra Classic

Make the advanced helmets maybe.

We just need storage for it no no we want to reinstall that in the corner so it’s out of the way bit it get done we’ve got an advanced helmet normal quality excellent I’m actually gonna recruit you a ton repeating just in case because sometimes forcing does weird stuff I think another plant pot here will be nice a little better de coeur to.

This room does this not have robot missing a roof yeah we had no build roof area there for some reason at some point in time oops ignore we’ll see how that works what’s this doing nothing been built up recently apparently yes when you look at it it gets.

Both shrink up this own weapon zone take this zone and expand it a little bit more no longer inspired you know food people to be inspired I would like ideally to get packaged survival meals going a lot faster you know what we’ll.

Take advantage of the fueled stove add fine meals let’s get 12 on there and then two people can work on it you’re gonna oh this is better another bandit camp that they want to screw over it’s further.

Along one point two days we’re not very good at combat we’ll get a flat-screen TV though I think I’ll pass it up to write a couple van de Kamp’s of requests but we have been building and this has become kind of.

Our base this is starting to progress so we should see we should start getting this treasured over very soon to wherever we can use this for trading then yeah it’s just a matter of keeping stuff together keeping this for stuff that decays if it’s too hot and moving everything else over here except for weapons I think we want to.

Keep weapons in this one because it’s just closer we might actually want to replace these with auto doors.

Will help figure that out later alright this has been mobis rex for the movie star guys when we research the photos what a great this is good movie sex with women Sarkis thank you very much watching if.

You enjoyed the episode because like because comments and suggestions equity soon have a good day.

And a wonderful night bye bye.