Newsbriefs: Raise Of Tuition Fees

Hello welcome to Cu TV news brief my name is kelly fenelby this week’s main topic is about the raise of tuition fees this is Canada has released its report on the daily price index and they have found that since last September the tuition fees have jumped on average eleven point eight percent in Ontario alone the tuition fees have.

Jumped twenty percent tuition fees have increased every year for the past ten years this rising tuition.

Have been factors in the increase of part-time students.

And the decrease in application forms to universities last spring Concordia applied for the rise of tuition fees however in Quebec there was a fee freeze because of the number of protests last year some students of Nakota University think that the tuition fees are way too high considering other expenses that they may have such as books and school.

And board whereas other students compared the tuition fees of Quebec to other provinces of Canada and the United States where their tuition fees are much higher than over here just wondering if you thought tuition fees were too high at this.

Moment not necessarily no I don’t think so no no not at all do you do you have any personal problems trying to adapt yourself to paying the tuition fees yeah run out of loans basically myself and I think the media should be.

Where he could may be paid in installments or some type and not immediately the entire Sun may be the sum altogether itself may be too much to pay at one time that’s what I think but I think that’s.

Not necessarily too high compared to the you know maybe the rest.

States something like that perhaps if the education was government structured and that in fact would be no feast like some.

Had some summer in Europe for example where the universities are free.

But I don’t like I said happy you have to change the entire system to accommodate that so would you have personal problems of tuition fees did go up yeah definitely yeah I would have personal problems because it’s hard to to pay all the fees and also live at the same time need to know if you thought tuition fees were too high yeah sure.

How do you want me to comment further or you don’t know do you think that the do you have any personal problems actually trying to pay your tuition well not with student loans know they.

They cover them they cover the fees they don’t pay for anything.

Else like living expenses or anything like that but I mean I don’t see how they could be any lower the fees on the other hand would what do you think would happen in the tuition fees went up for you personally or for me personally I don’t think I’d be able to attend.

School it would probably be like it was you know fifty years ago for for people who had money not necessarily for people who were bright enough to go to.

University but for people who could pay it good way to know if you thought tuition fees were too high well to be honest I.

Come from the state so I don’t think they’re that the high but still for some people who did enough money I think is high I mean not for everybody but I think they’re going up to good thing see you.