Rare Interview With Charles Hoskinson, Pre Ethereum

We look at Bitcoin more as like gold and aetherium wars like oil or really the missing features of cryptocurrency ecosystem as it stands the hope with a theory a master coin of maybe sidechains Ripple these kinds of projects is to deliver platforms to actually start propagating these solutions to the developing world and get them integrated into the modern.

Economy hi I’m Charles Hawkinson I’m the chief executive officer of the etherium project tell me a little bit about the etherion project the etherion project is really exciting we’re having a lot of fun what it basically is is we’ve taken a programming language and.

Married it to a blockchain and now we’re actually building a layer on top of that to act as functionally an operating system of the entire cryptocurrency space where all of your favorite applications whether they be ripple or open transaction or your particular wallet can be installed with just one click so I.

Mean when you say that you’re building on the existing platform how is aetherium different to the first version of Bitcoin how is Bitcoin 2.0 different from the original Bitcoin yeah well we really don’t view aetherium as Bitcoin 2.

Continuation of the series of experiments that the cryptocurrency has been conducting over the last five years so economically speaking we look at Bitcoin more as like gold and aetherium Wars like oil we’re really the missing features of the athira of the cryptocurrency ecosystem as it stands so Bitcoin is functionally email for money it’s a it’s a ledger.

That allows people to have consensus about who owns what and a transaction system connected to tokens that are digitally scarce and what a.
Theorem is is a gigantic computational engine that.

Allows you to run arbitrary applications so anything that you’d look at in a server client.

Model like for example Dropbox or or Rackspace’s applications one can actually take those flip them and run them in a peer-to-peer layer but now they actually have a token of value associated with them in this case ether the underlying asset of the etherium ecosystem so in layman’s terms what are.

Some benefits that the average cryptocurrency user can get from using aetherium so there’s a whole.

Bunch of things that people can do now that they couldn’t do with Bitcoin for example you can have self-enforcing smart contracts you can have smart property but then you can even go a step beyond and start building entire businesses on a blockchain like the centralized autonomous organizations there’s a lot of foundation work that has to be laid.

We have to really focus on the user experience particularly the user experience on cell phones and feature phones and our exists.

In the developing world but our excitement moving forward is we believe that people can do all their business hopefully within a single ecosystem and a completely transparent decentralized and fair way talk a little bit more about when you say an autonomous business platform what exactly do you mean by that so what you do let’s look at Wikipedia or ICANN as an example so in both cases you have something.
That lives for the most part.

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