[wikipedia] American Academy For Liberal Education

The American Academy for liberal education all is a united states-based educational accreditation organization with a focus on fostering liberal arts education both in higher education and in earlier schooling all does not currently have US Department of Education recognition as a higher education accreditor history all was formed in 1992 with the stated purpose of supporting and recognizing excellence in.

Undergraduate liberal arts teaching and learning through accreditation founders included.

Jacques barsen retired philosophy professor from Columbia University Yoh Wilson of Harvard University historian Elizabeth Fox Genovese of Emory University and Lynne Cheney former US Secretary of Education its initial focus was on undergraduate education which barsen said had become confused misdirected are not directed at all died in July 1995 the US Department of Education granted all official recognition as an institutional creditor for colleges and universities this recognition.

Allowed all accredited institutions in the United States to participate in student financial aid programs are authorized under the Higher Education Act and other US federal programs DoDEA.

And December 2006 the US Department of Education suspended owl’s authority to accredit new institutions and programs this restriction was lifted in December 2007 in the ruling that lifted the restrictions for a period of three years expiring in December 2010 Education Secretary Margaret Spellings wrote of continued concerns stemming from all’s being cited consistently since 2001 for either not having clear standards.

With respect to measuring student outcomes are not collecting and reviewing data on how institutions it accredits measure student outcomes doubt in November 2010 while voluntarily withdrew.

Its request for renewal of US Department of Education recognition as a higher education accreditor for institutions accredited by all in 2010 or accreditation remained valid through.

For purposes of federal government financial aid to students under Title IV of the Higher Education Act accreditation all provides two types of accreditation for higher education institutions that offer general education programs in the liberal arts it provides institutional accreditation for universities and colleges that want out to be their sole accreditor and it provides program accreditation for liberal arts programs within higher education institutions that are institutionally accredited by another accreditor all accreditation activities are not limited to the United States the organization works with institutions and programs worldwide that emphasize liberal education in.

The liberal arts the organization also is an accreditor of k-12 charter schools and independent.

Schools throughout the United States as of August 2009 I’ll had accredited about 20 institutions.

Within the United States and another dozen members outside the country several of our accredited institutions follow a great books approach leadership since January 2011 I’ll has been led by Acting President Charles E Butterworth an.

Emeritus professor of politics and government at the University of Maryland see also higher education accreditation in the United States list of recognized accreditation associations of higher learning standards-based education reform references external links official site.