Aries – New Lifestyle – November 2018 Monthly

Hyeri’s welcome to you know vembur tariff forecast with me this is Brooke I’m here better late than never right what a week so thank you for joining me Aries the lighting in here is not so great um it’s a dark day outside so anyway let’s get started I’ve already pre shuffled for your reading as always make sure to.

Watch something rising in this video so let’s get started Aries people what’s happening for my Aries friends you know my daughter’s and.
Get it and I appreciate it because it helps me in a lot of ways as a pisces.

Person so we start off with the emperor for the month so going into November there’s some type of exchange of authority with other people getting control of a situation this also could be dealing with authority type figures this month Aries this is your card so this.

Also could be dominance or control over a particular situation or gaining more perspective in terms of authority control and Emperor’s very much about fairness okay equality to both sides of a matter so the emperor is.

Of the month especially in terms of where you want to go leading you out of November into December into 2019 you may have long term planning projects you may have long term personal goals there may be growth that you’re going through now which is propelling you into making or.

Setting up long term goals for yourself we come in with the page of Rods page of Wands and next to this is death.

So there has been news perhaps that has come in for Aries a beneficial when I see this card it’s normally traditionally good tidings of.

Some kind news coming in communication wise death signifies and we’re in Scorpio season this is Scorpius card of ultimate change transition beneficial change okay so something may be beginning for you something.

May be ending so once again the feel that I’m getting from your reading is very much about any long-term standing goals anything that.

You want to bring about change okay especially going into 2019 you may have received a talk from someone this could have been a pep talk perhaps you.

Were talking about this with a close family friend relationship partner best friend about your ideas okay this is taking you into especially progressing into the next year I feel for Ares here we come.
We have the nine of swords so there’s been anxiety there may.

Also been worry associated with many things coming.

Out of October there also could have been.

For you moments of restlessness especially in your sleep okay during the dream time.

Waking up in the middle of the night if you were experiencing this this also could have been anxiety worry depression coming out of the most recent past really also being a lot in your head mentally overthinking things as well with a three of Pentacles energy this is how am I going to rebuild things for my future okay the three of Pentacles to me very much signifies a.

Rebuilding period rebuilding things financially financial growth savings doing something or taking idea and building it from the ground up but building it different this time.

Time with it looking at at all the angles associated with it so that’s coming out.