Controlling Your Emotions – Why Women Need To Learn To Be Less Emotional

Welcome to the show ladies I wanted to introduce the topic take a minute to introduce the topic because this was suggested by a channel visitor and it seems to be something as we went over some more letters on what the Tuesday is a common theme and a serious problem with women getting in their emotions and not really being.
Able to separate their emotions from the.

Reality of what’s going on with the guy that they’re dealing with so what we’re gonna do today is you know it’s kind of look at that because women are tend to be very emotional.

Creatures I mean that’s just how it is full of empathy and sympathy very caring people not all but most and the way the.

Fact that women are the way that they are is prevented men from basically destroying the whole planet in every life-form on it it kind of helps balance things out but since men are warlike creatures and their goal for.

Pretty much everything is to win and conquer and vanquish and achieve their goals and things like this but what they consider to be what a woman might consider to be an underhanded tactic.

Or quote not fair men don’t have any problem utilizing those tools because they don’t care about how you win they just want to win and that’s what we come up against women’s emotions so you want to be God what is this fuzzy night you want to be all nice if.
You want to be honesty you want to be caring and supportive of.

Your man and you want to please people you want to share your thoughts your feelings you want to be loyal you seek commitment and ties and bonding you want to love even through struggles for some of you that means love you want to be polite you want to avoid being aggressive or being considered to be too masculine.

And you don’t want people talking about you so you try to be overly humble even though you’re you’ve got some great accomplishments under your belt but following that program of femininity is what got most of you in trouble.

With men and so it keeps you stuck in some really I hate to say the term but stupid.

Relationships you keeps you stuck there.

Because you’re adhering to all these principles and those principles are not coming back you so guys will set you up like this what we’re going to talk about today is how to manage those attempts how to control your emotions and how for how you can become large and in.

Charge and change your life by managing your emotions I’ll be right back well now the show shall begin now that.
The that the intro has been done let me open up the chat we.

Do my apologies our piece it’s coming it’s coming right up there we go I want to be able to see everybody’s comments and make sure we respond accordingly I’m glad to see everybody thank you for coming this topic was chosen on Tuesday and I hope that.

It benefits a lot of you because I’m not trying to say.

That you have to be you know a hard cold person and never exceed exhibit any kind of feelings I’m not saying that what I’m saying is when we observe how most women are in the relationships the emotions override good common sense they override logic they override analysis they override what we call common sense it’s just y’all just being your.