Peter Thomas Roth 5-step System Anti-aging Kit Auto-delivery On Qvc

This is a 5-piece system an anti-ageing collection both AM and PM you’re taking care of here you have customer choice beauty award winners in this and customer top-rated items as well we’ll start off right here with 4.2 ounces of the anti-aging gel cleanser this is the cleanser that Peter himself uses on his skin and imagine starting off your.

Anti-aging regimen now from your cleanser step then we move in to the pumpkin enzyme mask and 1.7 ounces so that is a full-size of the mask then we move into the sixth time customer choice Beauty award-winning retinol fusion PM this is your ever so popular serum.

And then we move into the retinol fusion PM eye cream with that award-winning formulation there right there valued at.

$55 your entire collection here under 50 and then we move into the water drench cloud cream you’re getting two of those triamese for a value of.

$20 there but altogether you are looking at 182 dollars for this collection my beauties so saving today 132 dollars and change let me show you some results you can expect to see and these are after.

Just one week using just one product this is the eye cream that’s valued at $55 look at that before picture you can see the obvious cross-hatching that’s starting the lack of firmness even the discoloration in that before picture after just one week which is at literally seven nights of application look how.

Much more smooth that under-eye area is a three 42000 to get this collection home auto delivery is available so you would keep the value and the three easy payments of 1666 T days.

For a total of 2 years all right we’re gonna dive in piece by piece and show you how you’re gonna use this collection when you.

Get at home global education director Tiffany butcher le is here today welcome back I love that we’re getting holiday collections in this I do too it’s like the perfect time of yea whether you decide.

To gift this for yourself which is incredibly I feel like awarding and you deserve every piece of this or you decide to give this to someone else you’re getting five of Peter Thomas Ross most popular and award-winning in this collection it’s a daytime anti-aging routine as.

Well as a nighttime anti-aging routine and your once a week facial in a bottle so I want.

To dive into the cleanser first let’s do it this is our number one top selling cleanser all over the world it’s our anti-aging cleansing gel it has a beautiful.

Infusion of glycolic salicylic acid just the right amount to gently exfoliate your skin but it’s also infused with brightening botanicals so the very first time that you use this anti-aging cleansing gel when you get this home you’re going to see that instant brightness to your skin you’re gonna see how your skin is gonna transform from that dull complexion to that bright complexion in.

One simple application then you’re getting that facial in a bottle this is your once a week treatment that pumpkin enzyme mask this actually.

Does three things all at the same time so not only are you gonna get that beautiful fresh youthful looking complexion you’re gonna actually save a lot of time and.

A lot of money because you don’t have to go to a Medi spa to get this power-packed treatment it actually exfoliates peels and polishes your skin all in one simple step and it’s perfect for this time of year I love it because it smells like pumpkin pie or that perfect pumpkin spice latte I love to.

Use this all over my face I multitask with this as well because I do my manicure at home so I love to put this on my cuticles it just kind of eats away all the dead surface skin cells and then I go.

Ahead with like my julep nail polish so there’s so many different ways that you can use this pumpkin.

Enzyme mask and it’s also customer top-rated yeah it’s very very popular mask and this is a full-size too by the way just that mask alone is valued at $42 all right so now we’re gonna get serious yes we are with our nighttime anti-aging routine this is our retinol fusion PM serum six time customer choice award winner for best retinol thank you so much we’re so.

Incredibly honored to be able to bring this to you and be a six-time customer Choice Award winner but what’s so.

Incredibly impactful about this is the formulation it’s 1.

That high level of active ingredient that Peter Thomas Roth is known.

For bringing you and it’s micro encapsulated and it’s time released and that means for your skin is that you’re getting maximum results with minimum irritation here’s your skin at night after you’ve done your cleansing.

Routine this is our micro encapsulated retinol when it hits your skin you’re gonna get one little burst of retinol but then the magic happens all while you’re sleeping over an eight-hour period of time you’re getting small little bursts of retinol that’s why everyone loves Peter Thomas Ross retinol because there’s no downtime there’s no flaking there’s no irritation there’s just maximum anti-aging result well and that’s why it keeps winning the customer choice beauty Oh worth six times as a matter of fact that’s fantastic keeping with that award-winning formulation.

To put that into an eye cream formulation that’s right we’ve taken it a step further and we actually formulated our retinol fusion PM eye cream because you asked for it you love that award-winning serum.

And you said you know what I want something that’s specific for that delicate eye area we’re giving you our same award-winning retinol fusion PM eye right now fusion PM activated formulation in this eye cream in this beautiful creamy like texture it’s infused with shea butter that’s gonna help smooth away those fine lines and wrinkles as well as hydrate your skin all while you’re sleeping this has a sustained release of 1% retinol that’s specific for that delicate eye area and the.

Results which I want to show you in these before-and-afters are amazing because it only takes seven applications to gain the results like you see in these before-and-afters and that before shot you see the signs of aging underneath the eye area the fine lines the crepey skin you start to see the loss of elasticity in the skin and.

Just seven days later you see smoothness and overall improvement in the appearance of her skin and even this the elasticity of her skin and yeah of course the more you use retinol in the night in your nighttime routine the better the results so here’s four weeks later you see all the fine lines and wrinkles underneath that before shot underneath the eye area you notice how crepey and dry and dehydrated her skin is and look after.

Just four weeks of continued use of just the retinol fusion PM eye cream alone so imagine using all the other four products that you’re getting in this five piece collection the results are just going to be better here’s a.

Before and after of just the eye cream as well and I like to point out in the before shot how she has a little bit of darkness underneath the eye some uneven skin tone and you start to notice some puffiness underneath the eye that’s the infusion of caffeine that you notice that puffiness is diminished in the after you notice that shea butter search starts to smooth out and hydrate that under-eye area but it’s truly the like the.

Power and the in the impact of that retinal fusion PM that is really going to work to fight the signs of aging around the eye area absolutely well and I think it’s really phenomenal that Peter was able to formulate this in such a way that you can actually put retinol on the most delicate skin right and of course that’s because of how it’s combined with that shea butter and what you should.

Know also is that that’s valued at $55 which is more than the price of everything that you’re seeing here and it is a full-size product as well so we’re starting off here with the anti-aging cleanser so yes you are officially starting your anti-aging regimen from cleansing your skin that’s very very important when you think about a lot of times that we.

Forget about the cleanser but really that cleansing step is so integral to the rest of your skincare regimen after that we have the full-size mask here that pumpkin enzyme mask which is so loved by so many customers this one here that enzymatic exfoliation is as well as that physical exfoliation there 1.7 ounces here and valued at $42 then you’re getting the sixth time customer choice Beauty award-winning retinol fusion PM I love that sherry and our Beauty IQ facebook chat says love this.

Retinol never without it yes and then you’re getting that same award-winning formulation here in the retinol fusion PM eye cream at a half ounce that is a full-size for that eye cream and then you are getting to water drench creams as well the value here is incredible its 182.

Dollars for everything you’re seeing here but you’re getting this collection home today for under $50 it’s also.50 or auto delivery would bring it home to you every 60 days for two years at this value and just keep in mind that your values right here as.

This eye cream in its of itself is $55 a three for two zero zero zero you can order by going to PD IQ calm or by giving us a call and if.

You’re new to shopping with us we have a promo going on called five for you so in the promo code section at the checkout just put in five at 5 ee 4 and then you you’ll get five dollars off your.

First order and there’s your info right there on the screen I love how things just pop up like I just love it alright so I want to tell you how you can use this as a daytime collection as well as a nighttime collection so in the day you’re gonna start.

Skin with that anti-aging cleansing gel then if it is that time of deter that time of week that you want to use that pumpkin enzyme mask you could certainly do this but this is only.

A week treatment okay you don’t want to over use this because you don’t want to over exfoliate and peel your skin and then you’re gonna finish it off with a water drench cream.

This cream is infused with 30% hyaluronic acid so it’s gonna infuse your skin with the most beautiful form of hydration it’s incredibly lightweight yet it’s so intensely hydrated into the skin and it leaves your skin with that beautiful primer like finish so.

It at night time I want to actually go to Madison because she’s going to show you how to use the nighttime products in this collection you’re gonna cleanse your.

Skin with that anti-aging cleansing gel after you’ve cleansed your skin you’re gonna.

Use that award-winning six-time customer choice award-winning retinol you only need about two to three drops to cover your entire face your neck and go.

Ahead and bring it down your decollete the backs of your hands that’s that power pack serum that’s gonna attack your fine lines uneven skin tone rough skin texture and then you’re gonna go ahead and layer it a layer.

That retinol fusion PM eye cream right over top of it exactly how Madison showing you how to do it dot dot dot it underneath the eye right.
Underneath the brow hit the crow’s feet on the corner of the.

Eye and then of course go ahead and hit between the brows because you know what we all start to develop the classic 11.

Mark those horizontal lines between the brows and you can absolutely use this as preventative that’s it it’s a full day time it’s a full night time collection and you’re getting five of our most popular.
Products well and especially a 60 day supply as.

Well so it gives you plenty of time to try out the products plus we’re in our holiday returns so you actually have.

Until January 31 X tear Nancy says whoever buys this kit will be a Peter Thomas Roth convert amazing results amazingly fast we love that yes you’re getting everything that you’re seeing here and it is available on auto delivery customer choice when award-winning retinol formulation and customer top-rated products there with.

A savings of one hundred and thirty two dollars and change don’t forget about that easy pay my beauties all you have to do is pay with a credit card in order to get that easy pay alrighty now we’re not going to be presenting this but this is.