September & October Favorites! | Beauty & Lifestyle | 2018

Hello everyone welcome back to my channel I’m Andreas nice to have you guys here it has been what feels like a year since I have last sat in this setup and done like a sit down chatty video with you guys for those who haven’t been watching through the last month that’s doing blocked over so I’ve been doing nothing.

But vlogs which has been a lot of fun but I have missed these kinds of videos so I have a monthly favorites video but it’s gonna be.

Kind of two months because it didn’t do with September favorites at the beginning of October I meant to throw it into one of the vlogs and then that just never really happened I’m just gonna kind of do them all together which kind of works because a lot of my September favorites were also my October favorites so diving Arden because I am kind of racing the.

Clock because of this Sunday and my mom is currently on her way to pick me up to go to Zink for lunch I’ve got less than 30 minutes but that should.

Be enough time and that would be incentive to keep me going like quick and not talking too much like I always do can you tell it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these videos I feel like I’m all over the place I’m sorry hopefully I can fix some of it and editing lets do Beauty first and there weren’t that many Beauty favorites a lot of what I’ve been using is the same stuff that.

And so it’s things that I’ve mentioned before but there were some new things that have come in that haven’t been in a favorites video that I can recall and so.

I wanted to kind of mention them first thing is the Becca this has like the longest name ever the Becca under-eye brightening corrector concealer it is kind of a concealer they don’t call it a concealer they just call it a brightening corrector I have it in shade light to medium just looks like this I am wearing.

It today it’s part of my under-eye concealer makeup whatever.

You want to call it and yeah some days this will be like only.

Thing I’ll put on like just this and some mascara and out the door I go so even if I’m not doing like a full face of foundation or something I will still usually put this on and it just makes me feel a little bit more alive so really liking this I saw another YouTube and milind mention it just briefly on one of her vlogs I went to check.

Fallen in love and then there’s two pallets.

So throughout September and October I feel like the cheap out these are the two pallets I’ve been using the most so the first.
One is the Urban Decay Born.

To Run which I bought back in the summer when Tamsin was visiting it’s got a giant mirror as you can kind of see there and then a lot of really beautiful shades especially for like the september/october like autumn months but you’ve also got some really pretty.

Kind of jewel tones I will definitely keep wearing this into the winter makeup as one of the few ways that I can kind of tell seasons apart because like the weather doesn’t really change but my makeup does and then the other palette that I have been loving is the pretty vulgar and that’s the brand Phoenix Rising palette and I have.

Really been loving all of these shades I’m wearing the Born to Run palette today but I’ve been wearing this a lot either creating like a multi shadow look or just using some of the lighter shadows.

Or some of the shimmers as an all-over wash if I’m just trying to do my makeup really quick so I’ve been loving that palette I got this one on sale in the Labor Day Sale if it goes into sale again on Sephora I highly recommend picking that one up then nail polish I’ve been on a bit of a nude kick usually this.
Time of year I am really into the dark.

Berries and stuff but I think because I just haven’t had as much time to paint my nails and I feel like some of my darker shades have just gone a bit off they don’t go on too smoothly.

As they used to so probably need to buy a new one but I have been really liking some nude shades by Essie so.

One of them is what I was wearing kind of often on a knock in August and then a lot in September is this Essie shade called eternal optimist which I kind of like the name I’m not always an eternal optimist.

Like the name so it’s just a nice dusty rose and I’d been really looking for a shade like that for a while and then I finally found it it goes on opaque and two coats and it just it’s a really really beautiful color so if you’re watching my vlogs in.

September I was wearing this one quite a bit and then at Costco I found a set of three full size shades and three mini shades from Essie that were all different kinds of nudes and these are the two that I have been using the most so there’s bear with me which is just a really beautiful blush pink and then this one is wild nude which is just a kind of it’s actually one I’m.

Wearing now so it’s just a kind of like mushroomy color a little bit of.

Pink a little bit of beige and I really like it I’ve been wearing this one a lot so those are kind of the makeup nail favorites then moving into some fashion favorites several items but all kind of the same concept so I bought this pack of.

Handbags scarves off Amazon the brand is I don’t know how they would pronounce that but that’s the brand starts ten scars I’m not gonna pull them all out but I’ve got two out to you that I used most recently so I keep them all in.

Here but they’ve got them in different prints some are abstract and then.

Some are kind of this like writing chain and leather strap detail and then there’s some that are kind of nautical so there’s like the equestrian the nautical and then the like 1960s mod abstract ones and I have just been wrapping these around the handles of some of my handbags so handbags that have a top handle I.

Just wrap these around that or you could tie it in a bow just on one and you can also use them kind of wrapped around your wrist as like a fabric bracelet or you could put them in your hair the 10-pack was.

Like 12 or 13 dollars so it was a really good value they’re just polyester but they’ve been holding up pretty well and this one I’ve been wrapping around my black satchel quite a bit and it’s doing pretty good so.

I’ve really been enjoying these it’s kind of.

A take on the Hermes twilly thing and I know Dior and a few other designer brands have kind of come up with their version of.