Missing 411 – The Bizarre National Park Disappearance Problem

It sounds like an urban legend an author and former policeman was on vacation when he was approached by two off-duty Rangers who asked him to look into the number of people who gone missing in the national park system they were too afraid of retaliation to appear in uniform and iced at the National Park they work for and the.

Met the author to be kept secrets the cases he found were stranger numerous enough that the man David Polly DS.

Has since written six volumes of work documents in the phenomena the books called the missing for one one series explore what Polly DS calls a mysterious series of worldwide disappearances to find logical and conventional explanations something that makes this topic even stranger is the fact that the National Parks either do not keep a list of missing persons or are refusing to release it it’s almost as if they themselves are acknowledging that something bizarre is happening but don’t want to cause.

A panic making a note of this some years ago Polly DS filed for a Freedom of Information Act request against the National Park Service asked him for a list of missing persons through all the.

National parks in the country he was aware that the Park Service had a federally trained law enforcement branch familiar with the standard protocols of any police agency meaning that they should have records for missing persons within their jurisdiction despite not needing to provide a motive for a Freedom of.

Information request Polly DS was questioned by an attorney for the Park Service as to why he was interested in obtaining.

A missing persons record he was told that he would get the information regardless but that they just wanted to know.
Why birds when he said he was just doing research he was told that no.

Such record existed when he pushed back asking.

Take to obtain such a list he was told that he would need to pay 1.

4 million dollars for a comprehensive national list of $34,000 for your so might alone you might once it gets a hot drink get comfy and come into this with an open mind because this goes to some extremely weird and bizarre places so let’s start with this what exactly is the criteria used to determine.

Or not a missing person case defies a logical explanation David Polly Dee’s has said that his kin are missing.

Team rule out any cases where there is clear evidence of animal predation mental health issues and suicidal intent the person deliberately wanting to walk away from their life and not be found a.

Crime or a drowning the profile of the victim is usually the following people who go missing usually do so in national parks around large bodies.

Of water or near boulder fields people from both ends of the intellectual spectrum go missing eg people.

Who have intellectual divergencies or disabilities gone missing as well as individuals who work careers as scientists etc people from both ends.

Of the physical spectrum gone missing eg people are physically disabled and cannot walk long distances as well as individuals who live extremely active lives and are very fit if the missing individual.

Is found alive they usually have memory loss about the entire events children sometimes tell weird stories about how they went missing I recall one where a.

Toddler went missing on a rather cold nights and somehow survived she claimed a.

Wolf feather berries from the palm of its hand and that’s how she survived if the missing individual is found deceased the cause of death is.

Almost never determined often seeming as though they died without a cause at all medical examiner’s usually write they die from exposure if they do not have a.

Better answer to give the missing are found in areas that seem difficult if not impossible to reach by foot or in the time that has elapsed such as a child being found twelve miles away in just a matter of a few hours a common example is children as young as two and three going missing and being found in high elevations such as mountains 2,000 foot.

In the air sometimes the children have their clothes on backwards or inside out and their parents claim that they can’t even dress themselves.
Yet the missing are found in an area.

That’s been searched by the search rescue teams numerous times over a period of days usually a week or longer sometimes they’re even found on the trail that’s used to access the area they’re searching almost as if their place.

They’re intentionally in order to surely be found by the SAR search and rescue teams are meticulous about their searches a lot of cases involve people who go missing for a week but only died a day or two prior to being found which begs the question of where they were during their.

Time missing as well as what’s happened to them the shoes tend to go missing if the just one or both many people are found in bizarre.

Places at high altitudes or in tough terrain and their socks are the soles of their feet don’t have a speck of dirt or wear on them this is true for children too search-and-rescue dogs will be unable.

To pick up a sense or if they do they’ll follow us a few feet and then begin acting bizarrely they’ll circle.

And then sit down this is not common behavior for search-and-rescue canines investigators do not find any tracks nine times out of ten and if they do they seem to stop inexplicably and lead nowhere as if the person just vanished into thin air animal attacks are ruled out by experts one completely bizarre thing about these cases is that many of them are extremely similar you’ll have a situation where a child goes missing right.

Under the parents noses I’m talking one second are there they’re talking they’re having fun they’ll be out of line of sight for a few moments and that’s it they’re gone they quite literally seem to.

Have disappeared into thin air an anonymous user on Quora has compelled some of David’s research via his books and.

Lectures the following are some of the bizarre cases and I quote in cases I know of stories told by people who go missing and I’ve found are not what you would expect these stories may.

Challenge your understanding of reality be warned I included names it is important that we are respectful and polite of people who go missing and are returned and do not try to contact them so that they can live normal lives they can come forward with their story if they want to this first account may seem silly at first.

But that may change as we continue I’ve added it to demonstrate just how long these encounters have been going on for in 1868 a three year old girl disappeared from her father’s lumber camp in northern Michigan after enlisting the help of a.

Professional hunters who happened on the historical search scene by chance the men trace the little girls feeble cries to a dense stand of brush when the men advanced on the thicket they saw what they said to look like a giant bird best from it and run across the river heading.

For the distant horizon the men recovered the girl unharmed from the brush she later told them that mr. wolf would not let her leave and had eaten her hat right off her head although he had also got.

The berries and fed them to her he is idem a curtis’s similar story on the night of July the 2nd 1955 mrs.

Summoned by her distraught all the children arrived just in time to see what she and the children said was a huge.

Bear cradling her two-year-old daughter Ida Mae Curtis in its front paws it scurried off on three legs from their tents in alum pecans at the wild.

In Montana on July 4 after a search by 350 backwoodsman in heavy rain Ida was found drying safe in a crudely built shelter across a river just 300 yards away from where she was taken I do it later relate to the best of a two-year-olds ability being cuddled and comforted by the bear during the time she was missing the sheriff became so.

Angry that she actually paid the courtesies three separate visits demanding that they stop telling their story of a bear abducting and caring for their little girl he told.

Them quit telling that story it could never happen it didn’t happen and don’t see it any more so just to summarize the first case in the eighteen hundreds a girl.

Went missing while with her father similar situation she was there and then not there sue hunters.

Helped her father search they call her name no response just like all the cases the.

Following day they are near a river and hid the girls muffled voice and make their way there they.

A huge splash and out of the corner of their eyes they see a huge dark figure jumping into the river and swimming.

To the other side they see the girl standing on a log she’s missing items of clothing the father talks with her and asks where’s your hands girl the wolf ate it where’s your gloves girl the wolf ate it why didn’t you call why didn’t you say something when we call girl he wouldn’t let me did you get anything.

The wolf brought me berries in its hands David goes on to say in his missing for 1-1 Eastern book there are.

Several incidents of kids reporting that they were taken by bears bears that coddle kids best that feed the kids but specifically this girl.

A giant wolf he is another bizarre case on December 20 2014 peds detailed the case of Lillian Connie on the radio show where did the road go he is a summary Lillian was from Masada’s.

Maine which is 50 miles west of the Canadian border and surrounded by lakes rivers and points six years old she went missing August 8 1897 at noon Lillian and her parents went blueberry picking people got missing while picking berries is a theme.

In these cases they were there for a short amount of time and the parents said she just vanished they searched for an hour and then they got some people in the area to help by the following morning there were 200.

Searches they’re calling for Lillian Polly D said when searchers are looking for someone they called the person’s name say that they’re.

Their friend and that they’re there to help politi said in the missing for 1-1 cases.

The searches never gets a response which is strange if.

People are lost cold or hungry on Tuesday around 300 residents arrived to search and at 10 a.

Poland found her somewhere between 2 and 3 miles from where the parents.

Detail in the article about where they found her why Lillian didn’t say a lot she made an interesting statement the Sun shined all the time while I was in the woods just absolutely baffling anyway Pauly D said that that was a weird thing for a six-year-old to say the weather was stated in the news article as been partly.

Cloudy and she had spent two nights outside.

And was missing for 46 hours the interviewer commented that she must have been referencing something to say something like that and said while she described it as sunlight it might not have mean he also said for.

The time period you’re not going to find an area like that with very bright artificial lights he is another case I’ll give you the summary breakdown three year old boy John Doe disappears from his parents in Mount Shasta along a.

Creek River where people got fly-fishing on October the 1st 2010 at 6:30 p. Polly DS has said people seem to go missing between 2:30 and 6:30 p. in the cases he is researched Kalidas also said people say strange things happen in this area such as people saying that there are bees called the Marines that live under the area and Bigfoots and UFO sightings anyway to get back on track.

The parents contact the sheriff and a search starts they don’t find him they find him.

Five hours later at 11:30 p. at night sitting in a thicket he doesn’t say anything he’s.

Taken home and is in a state of stunned disbelief they talked to him and asked him what up in the next morning he tells.

A story that he’s taken into a cave that he thinks he’s underground he says.

That he knows it’s dark outside but one in the cave I could see the entrance and it’s light outside he said he’s with a woman who looks like.

His grandmother and he thought it was his grandmother in the cave he saw other things that look like people but are in fact robots after a while he figures out that the woman isn’t his grandmother even though she’s nice and polite with him he concludes she’s a robot he said there were some unusual lights coming from her head in a.

Bizarre turn she starts to get pushy took out some sticky tape and puts it on the ground and asked him to defecate.

Onto it he said that he didn’t have to go and she got mad he said he saw small guns and things are on the perimeter of the cave and that they had dust on them the boys spent time with the grandmother at the following weekend and told her.

The story the grandmother then tells Polly DS that three weeks before the boy disappeared she and her husband were at the same Creek where he went missing they woke.

In the middle of the night because the grandmother felt a pain at the base of her neck her husband looked at it and there was a small bloody spot at the.

Base of her neck she didn’t know if.

This was related to the boy’s disappearance but found it strange the boy is now fine and has not disappeared since is the most unusual story Polly Jesus heard about two boy going missing after a period of time after this incidents occurred Polly Dee’s managed to speak to the family and documented the following in one of his books about three weeks after.

The incidents john doe’s grandmother says her grandson told her that he did not like his of the grandma Cappy Cappy is the boy’s name for grandmother.

Kathy when she asked him to explain further he said don’t you remember when I was lost in the woods the other grandma Cappy grabbed me and took me to a creepy place she’s really a robot it was a cave with spiders and there was purses and guns I was too scared so I didn’t touch anything but when she climbed a ladder the light made oh look like a robot there.

Were other robots too but they didn’t move she made me lay down so look at my tummy when she tried to get me to poop on a sticky paper but I couldn’t go she told me that I’m from outer space and they put me my mom’s.

To me then she took me back to the river and said to wait under the bush until someone found me she also states that her grandson said she had your same hair.

Your feet and even your face that scared her deeply the idea that some kind of doppelganger taking on her own image to abduct her grandson she says that she got the impression that said grandson may have been talking about a hologram because of the way he described the lights sparkling on the strange woman his grandmother was horrified and called her son the boy’s father who told her that she had also had the same story from.

The boy a few days ago she admitted that she would have probably written off their grunts and story to a child’s overactive imagination if it wasn’t for the strange experience that happens her a year ago when she was camping in the same area near Fowler’s campground in McLeod California she claims she woke up one morning facedown in the dirt having been removed from a tent.

And sleeping back and she had a puncture wound on the back of her head she said that she felt violently ill that morning and felt strangely emotion was so she thought she’d been bitten by a poisonous spider she said that she was with a friend who.

Had been sleeping in his separate camper and he also woke up with a bite on the back of his neck and he felt ill as well the only strange thing that she could recall was seeing red.

Eyes shining through the trees the night before which they thought were deer and this is only a few of the accounts of children there’s so many.