Talk Like Ted By Garmine Gallo | Book Recommendation

Hi this is Fadi today I want to really quickly recommend a great book to you which is talk like Ted by carmine Gallo subtitle the nine public speaking secrets of the world’s top minds the reason I want to make this video really short is that I’ve already featured another of Carmine’s books which is the presentation secrets of Steve.

Jobs and a lot of the ideas in both of these books are very similar so a top like that includes some extra ideas but I still find the three key ideas are shared in my other video to be very essential for each presentation that you want to make and those three key.

Ideas are telling stories creating introducing clear problems and solutions and finally giving your listener of reasons for why they should care about what you are presenting so instead of repeating these same ideas that I find a bit essential in this video then I want to refer you to the other.

Video ad which is the presentation secrets of Steve Jobs and both of these books are really great reads if you want to develop your presentation skills so.

If you want to hear some of the good ideas you can check out the video I created about two weeks ago by going to my channel right I hope you enjoyed this quick perk recommendation and wish.