My Favorite Skin Care Products | Routine

Hello everyone my name is jamie anneka and welcome back to my youtube channel or if this is your first time welcome okay so this looks a little bit different I have a really awesome setup now I have a backdrop I have a ring light and I have mirrors and I have a table and it’s so so nice I.

Don’t have to rely on the lighting outside if it’s cloudy or rainy gross ugly whatever I can literally come downstairs in my basement and film which is so so amazing because it’s literally.

It’s 6:39 and it’s dark outside it is literally dark outside here so I get to film whatever nothing’s stopping me anymore Hey but today I’m actually going to be doing a very requested video it is all of my skincare products and have quite a lot but I use them you know in the shower I use it at night I use them during the day I.

Use them there’s a bunch so I’m kind of just doing a whole video of all my favorite products altogether so I don’t have to do like a nighttime routine a daytime a shower like it.

Is all and it gonna be in this video so if you like skincare or is one of the people that have been requesting for this then please keep watching we dermatologically do not say that so mmm okay anyways I’m gonna start over hi how are.
You doing today my name is Jamie I can’t talk about the camera alright so.

I’m gonna get into my skincare regimen when I’m in.

The shower I only use two products in the shower I use the soap and glory vitamin C facial wash and this stuff is so good it.

Smells like grapefruits and makes your skin feel so clean but not like a dry clean like your.

Skin so smooth after and it has um little like beads in it I don’t know if you can see but it has little beads and it is just so amazing it is for all skin types so anyone can use it and I guarantee you guarantee you your skin will be looking so much better so.

Much brighter and so much cleaner and another thing I use in the shower is really really good for you to use just a few times a week not every single day is the same.

Acne control it is the apricot scrub and I live by this stuff this also makes your skin feel so amazing um yeah it.

Just prevents acne and evens your skin tone which is great let’s see let’s see if there’s a knee yeah it says from America’s number-one scrub brand this scrub with 100% natural walnut-shell powder deeply cleanses pores and helps stop breakouts.

From balance for a balanced radiant skin and this exfoliant factor is deep so it will take off a lot of your dead skin cells which is great so you only have to use it a few times a week other than that like you’ll be using it too much you just gotta let your skin be you know.

Let it rejuvenate mm-hmm hey so yeah these are the two products that I use in the shower and it’s honestly so amazing and I’ve seen like a huge improvement in my skin I don’t break out as much I don’t really have blackheads and I don’t have pores I mean I have pores but I don’t really see them in my.

Pores and yeah so these are my go-to I will use these for as long as I live and then right when I get out of.

The shower I will spend my face with Mario bro disco facial spray with aloe herbs and rosewater and this stuff is amazing it is honestly just so good for you and I do it right after the shower so if you really sink into.

My skin before putting on like a moisturizer or anything like that so I’m actually a myself with spritz right now because I was gonna I went to photo shoot and I’m feeling a little oily honestly I could use.

Like a powder touch-up I was just for my face cuz it’s just so refreshing and so nice I use way too many spreads but it just feels so good it’s so amazing and it will dry smell so fresh and so good alright so that is.

Kind of like what I do in the morning so for me I take my makeup off at night with Neutrogena makeup wipes I have this kind of like little container I use these I just use the basic cleansing towelettes they’re my favorite I tend to go off with these.

Do not wash my face at night I only wash my face during the day and that is in the shower with my facial.

Cleanser so at night my nighttime routine is usually like a makeup wipe but sometimes makeup wipes don’t always get all your makeup off and your GG not.

Really good about getting a lot of it off but sometimes like I’ll take like a cotton round and wipe my face and there’s still some access foundation or dirt or something like that so.

I like to use these and then I’ll go in with my Garnier skin active micellar cleansing water and I’ll use this to take off my eye makeup because sometimes using makeup wipes or on my eyes it does kind of burn my.

Eyes and that’s not Neutrogena that’s with every makeup palette I’ve tried so I use this.

Micellar cleansing water it removes makeup cleanses and.

Refreshes and there’s no oil or anything like that in there so I like to use this on my eyes which is like a cotton round to just really rub it away and it doesn’t hurt they starts really good so I like to use this to get off my eye makeup at night and then I’ll go in with my oils of life by the body shop smells fantastic I’ll also put this.

On a cotton round so you’ll just shake this really well before you use it and then you just put a little bit on a cotton round and it literally smells like orange juice or like vitamin C I don’t know I’m just really drawn to like the fresh fruity smells I feel like it makes my I.

Don’t know maybe it’s like a mental thing where I’m.

Like fresh and fruity means clean I don’t really know but I love this stuff and um it works really good just to like hydrate your skin it’s the intensely revitalizing essence.

Lotion so if there is like a little bit of a smell at it smell to it but I used this on my face right after the my solar water and then kind of like my nighttime routine is I use an anti imperfection daily solution so I use also by the body shop I use.

Their tea tree oil and it’s so good for the skin it’s suitable for blemished skin but even if you don’t have like really bad blemishes it will prevent your skin for breaking out I use this sometimes twice a day but mostly just at night because it is kind of expensive I think this bottles like $22 but it’s tea tree oil so it does kind of like have.

A powerful smell but it has like a dropper like this and I just like put a few drops on my face and I just rub it in I do after like the essence oil I put this on and then if.

I have any like little pimples or little spots I kind of just want to get rid up.

I use the tea tree targeted gel it is from the same line in the body shop and it’s just this little little guy.

And I think this was only ten dollars and it is just like in a little it looks like a lipstick kind of like a lipstick tube and you just have to.

Put it on the dotted areas and it will literally dry them up overnight stuff works amazing and I ten out of ten recommend there are acne solution because it’s with tea.

Tree oil and tea tree oil it’s so good for the skin and for blemishes alright so after that my face probably does feel a little bit dry from the you know blemish anti imperfection solution so I will go in with.

My fresh vitamin nectar moisture glow face cream and this stuff is really good I love the brand fresh this is with the vitamin fruit complex and it’s smells so good I don’t know I like I said I’m just drawn to the more fruity fresh smelling stuff um I got.

This I get this one for Sephora I believe it is around like 50 some dollars so it is quite.
Expensive so I try not to use it well I use it every night but.

I try not to – too much because I’m already kind of like running low but this stuff is absolutely amazing and yeah it just it smells so amazing I actually use.

It on my boyfriend sometimes and he loves it and he’s like that stuff’s not so good I’m like I know right.

It just smells amazing so I use that all over my face just to give a little bit of hydrating and also it doesn’t really give you like a luminous glow but it just makes your skin look so hydrated and healthy and that’s what you want to do when you go to bed you always always want to moisturize at night because that’s the time.

That your skin kind of refreshes itself I have white pillow sheets I have it all all white and for me that kind of just like is a reminder that I can’t follow see with my makeup on like it will dirty my pillows and it’ll make my whites look super dingy over time so that for me is like a mental thing like I always make time to.

Take my makeup off at night and it has literally helped my skin 110% also a few other little tips for eyebrows for lashes and for lips I use Vaseline on literally everything if I can put my whole face in Vaseline like a bucket of it I would um I have a little mini one right here it is.

Just so good at like deep conditions I’m overnight and when I say uh plum of my eyelashes I’ll like just take a little.

Bit my finger like this I’ll rub my fingers together and then just kind of like mostly on.

The ends but I found that like that kind of takes off any excess mascara and it will decondition them so you do not get sties cuz that was a really big problem for me was getting sties and it hurts so bad and it.

Was not cute when I was like hey.

Guys what’s going on so that is what I use for my lips my eyes and my eyebrows cause like it’s good to decondition those as well so I don’t get all crazy and like yeah hey it actually helps them grow – that’s a tip as well another thing I use for my nighttime routine.