How Social Media Reveals All Your Hidden Secrets

Sixteen things your photos on social media say about you what do our photos on our accounts say about us what hitting complexes or secret desires which sometimes even we don’t realize do they tell the world let’s analyze the most common types of photos in social networks by the way I find what travel photos say about us very intriguing.

Selfies we’re talking about different types of selfies in the mirror elevator looks fit chicks and others honestly it’s one of the most popular kinds of photos these days but do you know what your selfies mean for others.

The abundance of selfies and one’s account reveals the extreme need for recognition and approval of others self-centeredness vanity and the penchant for narcissism sexy selfies yes the duck face or an attractively emphasized outline of the body posting these photos women literally tell the world I’m a liberated ready to experiment woman think about whether you need to show the world so openly that you’re on the market by using your body.
As bait and a way to sell yourself keep in mind that men.

Seeking a serious relationship won’t take such bait couple photos it’s a demonstration of your relationship and of the.

Fact that you perceive it as strong and long-term it’s a way to tell the world I’m not alone I’m loved I’m needed and appreciated if there are lots of these pictures on your account you probably should ask yourself why do I need this what do I want to tell.

Other people with these shots perhaps it’s a hidden need to prove something to your ex or to win the competition from less fortunate friends group photos are the majority as a pictures and your account photos of parties.

And it means you’re trying to show the world how.

Much fun you’re having with your friends it can indicate an inner emptiness and loneliness also it can show that belonging to a group flatters your vanity you tell the world I was chosen to be a part of.

This group and it’s flattering kids there are two options if you share your childhood photo and put it as your.

Profile picture it indicates you’re tired of adult life all these responsibilities bank loans and mortgages it hides a subconscious desire to get back to childhood and the need to be taken care of your message is holding me in your arms and stroked my head in the second variant we share.

Pictures of our children or our photos together with kids this way we say I’m a mother and it’s a great achievement animals if this is a photographer’s account in photos of wild animals in their natural habitat our evidence.

Of professionalism however if a man puts a wild wolf or a graceful cheetah as his profile picture he wants to appear bold and.

Strong and in reality he’s not women as a rule post cute photos such as adorable.

Kittens rabbits puppies or young ladies with kittens.

Such pictures indicate the sentimentality and.

Immaturity of the accounts owner nature again this is not about the accounts of professional photographers if there are lots of landscape photos in your account it can indicate satisfaction with life life is a success and now you can admire nature however it can also indicate fatigue from the frenetic daily pace and the need for privacy and contemplation of natural beauty glamour looks the.