Mick Spencer Talks Tradie!

Hey guys Mickey not sure how many of you know about OTG work we’re but one of our big focuses over the last couple of months is taking our sports fabrics our moisture management technology across all of our products into high visibility colors I’ve got a couple of examples here that we’ve been working with some awesome customers but across.

Our polo shirts singlets tees softshell jackets hoodies caps beanies every single day so many trainees are coming to on the go sports comm to a you to design their own uniforms the way they want it like no one else on site has it on their terms whatever device.

They want now let’s go through polo shirts soft shells matching matching apples that so guys coming in a spring we’ve got a massive.

Spring campaign spring 15 is the coupon code put it online you’ll get 15% off the wide range you can also give us a call or chat to our live chat team that will be there to support you in your design.