Cody And Creed New Mexico Archery Elk Hunt

Decade you ready to see this country well we broke over and it’s where we’ve been trying to get all day and ridin for nine hours and it’s exactly what we were hoping we’ve never been here a lot of Google Earth but we found some good wallows set up some cameras and looks like we might be coming up on.

Dirt tank or something here and we’ve been worried about water so our worries are no longer once we found those wallows that was a big relief a dry run with a bunch of pack mules and a new country you never know what you’re gonna.

Wilderness August 28 got Emmitt back there was last time you rode some limit no yeah how’s peaches treating you stand the saplings all destroyed yeah pretty crazy of course I’ve got this bear kid but that was taken from.

Camp during bear season with no bear tag pretty exciting here the wilderness never know what’s gonna happen pretty cool I got it I’m not gonna lie my heart was pumping and when I was right between her and what.

Might be her cub I don’t know what could be her cub pretty easily and she was like.

Less than 20 yards and she was living straight at me and I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to see it in the camera but she was looking right at me her eyes kept like moving over and looking right at me well all ready to go I had just got back from taking a bath in the creek down.
Here packs ready to go shot my bow today waiting on Creed to get here he’s.

Supposed to be here any time.

Opening morning in the morning so we know of some bowls and we’ve been bugling every morning and they shot up before 7:00 but hopefully gone get on line seeing a good bowl kind of by.
Chance just about every day we’ve been here we’ve been here mean.

And they’ve been here for like four days counting the day we packed in you know see what happens we got 14 days now it’s the tags in our pockets so we know there’s bulls there’s.

Got to make something happen the Land of Enchantment this is what happens when you give a coues deer hunter an alt.

Tag in a wilderness unit here in New Mexico August 31st my hunt starts tomorrow we’re at about mile eight and we’ve got about 11 more to go it’s looking pretty grim as far as making it there before dark he just she decided to be a little stubborn today but we’re getting along good now anyhow just a little introduction Cody.

And Emmitt they’re already at camp waiting me and wouldn’t doubt they’ve got a pretty good tabs on the Alpha by now anyhow it’s been a rough rough.

Me just before I left I had to put my dog down she took a bite from a Mojave rattlesnake and she didn’t she didn’t make it so anyhow this this hunt I’m kind of dedicated to her kind.
Of funny just a dog but she was special.

Anyhow this is a what we’re gonna be chasing out ground in for the next two weeks hope you guys.

Enjoy I’m gonna kill the bull that made this wrong you heard it here first thank you big man that was uh it’s quite the roller coaster there.

I just could not pass up this character this fool he he’s got a lot going on kind of a big deal you know when you take an animal’s life but we definitely definitely put some work in I think now we’ve.