Stream Control And Obs – Lower Thirds / Scoreboards / Animated Team Info / And More

Hello guys today I wanna show you how to use this little program called speed control and the browser sauce plug-in with OBS and for example to a discovered or similar stuff like in a lost art and info film section or whatever you want with a little animation so to do this we will need stream control of course you.
Can also get some example files right here on this page for the difference.

Of scoreboard which are shown here be aware for OBS you have to use HTML files because the flash animations sometimes don’t seem to work correctly of the browser plugin so just download the examples if you want or use my example I wrote in to deliver a video file and then you will need OBS of course but I assume you’re alright haven’t.

Noticed and you will need to browser plug-in I wouldn’t do this page and you will need this little high right here it’s going to plug in 3 after you download everything we have three or probably for the pliers we can extract first of all.

I extracted stream control into.

Sauce plugin of course goes into the OBS 32-bit plugins folder and then the browser files are the HTML files which are my example files I will link you below the video so after you’ve done this we have to set up a stream control to correctly work with our files normally steam controller doesn’t have layers or folder I change this so I have a little bit better sorting in the folder but you can of course also put the layout file just simply in the stream controller folder till in stream control.

After you start that you will probably not see this interface but it is slightly different one so let’s select our one we want for all the stuff we want to do quite easy just select browse button layout file select the layer I want this is in the case I will.

This is the one I will link below the video and then you have to take at edit the path where your files are located which will use the information you set up in the.

Program so this means in my case it’s browser files folder where I have selected all my put in doing all my example files so after you have set to this both folders up you can just click OK and you then you should see a similar probably empty interface like this and you are ready to step out.

Set up everything and the names like you want and stuff but to use this in OBS we of course have to use the browser plugin if you don’t know how to install it I.

Have a video for a plug-in installation with OBS on my channel but I assume you already see this as artists so let’s add a plug-in right away this case I used to see a browser plug-in so let’s do a quick test.

I also have one game capture as an example in the scene this is just a screenshot of battlefield in this case just to showcase how it will.

Look later for you guys so this is just the plugin with the OBS page but in our case we want to use a scoreboard and show this so with just select our browser files folder where we are selected I extracted the example files.

And then we can select our scoreboard in this case I would use the ths gray version this is created for 12 1280 resolution and ahead of 200 should be find.

For our purpose so let’s see did I enter something wrong it looks with big banner it okay looks good let’s resize to the original size and let’s Center this I always mix this horizontally so now we have our scoreboard with my example I’m texts and I can show you that it updates.

As soon as you enter stuff also it uses.

A little nice animation if you change something so it’s pretty neat I think.

Property of this creation of all ghosts fadna to hire only use this example files to create this scoreboard um you can also change the contest’s fire vertex name for example to dr.
Course you could also switch.

The round and contest that you want or use different or don’t use not use the round for example and just leave those empty you can also just change the picture I created for the background of the scoreboard so it’s pretty much totally customizable if you have HTML knowledge you can also change the positions.

Of the different numbers change the animations and so on so this is our first scene just with the Scarlet and we gonna copy this and to our new scene we will add a little on.

Lower search which will arm where Woodford show two lines of text in this case I created this for full resolution you can see this works and I can also change the text while let’s show now where it’s not shown then just save everything and to run the animation again you just deactivate and reactivate the sauce and it will show the.

New text and now you can probably also change the HTML script at the JavaScript to do this automatically um if you do so please get me a copy of the source code of this JavaScript so an hour cert seeing we will remove the lower start because we don’t need it a second time um you can use it actually and just them change it to a different file let’s.

Use our first example this is also a full-size example and just to show which teams fight against each other in this case I could deactivate the scoreboard on the scene and just use just little sauce and another example I’ve made our short info um.

Sections for example shows commentating if you are doing for example better.

Semester this will also leave the screen after a few seconds and another thing at it if you want to tell the viewers a bit about both.

Teams you can add lighting on the left and you can also add a browser and uses light on the right in this case I’m the hate is.

Important so you can see the full animation and the white is about 500 and you can then just move this right here how.

I think I’m just type those yes whites that’s an 8 with 8 ok yes this looks good and now if you switch to the scene.

In the live production over enter at the same time and move out of screen at the same time cause again you can change the edge HTML files to do a different animation to move on different directions whatever you want to do I think last but not.

Least I have one thing I didn’t show you yet just quickly take a look I showed you the lower thirds versus the comments and of course you can also use simple flash files for example to show a clock on screen I’m in this case for flash files because they don’t offer a real container you have to intercept requests and apply it template the template is already entered right here for you you don’t have to change anything in most cases and after you’ve done this you can just simply add to your flash file and.

As you can see going to be 1290 or 59 so the clock is correct and it should.

Change my clock will change soon I’m sure see Matthew seconds left it will work so um like I said I will link everything that’s needed like the example files I used and the links apartment page and of course to OBS in the plugin if you liked this tutorial please subscribe and give me a little comment.

What you want to see next now and it worked have fun with the plugins and have fun doing some nice production stuff with animations.