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Hi everyone welcome back to my channel I had many requests asking how do I organize kids close it as well as their bedroom so recently I did the declutter so I’m gonna share with you how I organized it so it’s easy for them to manage all so I’m gonna share with you guys the perfect comforter set as well.

As the pillow so let’s get started so here I’m starting with the dresser and on his dresser he likes to keep few of.

The stuff these are the souvenir if we have gone to country or different state than he likes to collect those also I do have a few of his trophy out there so he loved to see them every single day and make him proud so I just keep those stuff out on his dresser so now I’m gonna go.

Drawer by drawer and the things doesn’t fit him anymore I’m gonna go ahead and get rid of it also reorganized stuff and they do have a couple of extra backpack which they keep their old DVDs and they just like to hang on to it.

They just don’t want me to get rid of it but today was the perfect day because they both are gone to school so I’m gonna go ahead and just donate that to the local public library and my both boys did allowed to collect pokemon cards the basketball cards and I have so many of them I have tried many times to get rid of it but every time I try to do it I fail so as you can see this.

One peg bag has a so many in there and this is just a one bag I do have two more bags downstairs in the basement and I’m still working on.
This they don’t want me to let it go so I’m just gonna go ahead and.

Keep it also I do help you off their boredom here in their room so in case at nighttime if they feel like they want to play they can play and they don’t have to go downstairs in the basement.

So these are the mess that I’m working right now so this three big garbage bag that you see the two of them out there that is pulled with the clothes and those are the clothes that doesn’t fit him anymore as.

Well as my younger son um so I’m just going to go ahead and get rid of that and I want you to see this birdcage so the Baltic region has a motion sensors on anytime someone walks by it start making that noise but since the cage.

Broken as well as the sound is not that clear I’m gonna go ahead and get rid of it so as you can see I’m done decluttering so now I’m gonna walk you through I’ll show you everything how I organized all so I’m gonna give you all the details about the comforter.

Set as well as the pillow because there is.

Amazing discount for you guys also so let’s get started so let’s talk about this comforter set we all know that sleep is so important for us and especially for the teenagers because I do have two teenagers boys and their day at school is hectic but they also have after-school activities so they have so many things going on so I want.

Them to relax at night time the I want them to have the proper sleep so they can be ready for the next day so the company called honeymoon home fashion they gifted me this entire comforter set and definitely I’ll be ordering this for my bed because this is the full-size my bed is the king size so I let my son use it and he’s the very picky about his comforter as well.