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As the pillow and he approve it that means it’s the best and the best thing about this computer.

Is the more you wash it it get more softer and softer so it comes with the comforter you can use solid side or this pattern side however you want it also it comes with the pillowcases the bed sheet also the bedskirt so everything is there and definitely I.

Would highly recommend this comforter and I’m gonna link it down below in the description box you can get this from Amazon second most important for good night sleep is pillow right because if we don’t have proper pillow we basically tossing on entire night and the next day we.

Are kind of dragging ourselves so the company called comforted relax gifted me this memory foam gel pillow so memory foam basically mold.

To your shape and give you perfect support for your head neck and shoulder so you don’t get that pain and also this cooling gel responds to your temperatures so sometimes you know the middle of the night Vito like the pillow is so hot it doesn’t happen with this and it doesn’t.

So it’s safe for everyone and they send me one of them we liked.

It so much so now my husband want the second one so we ordered one of them for him so now both of them has it and of course I’m placing my order for the kids also because when we talk about it how good this.

Pillow is they want it also so definitely I’ll be placing my order for next two pillows so I would HIGHLY hit highly recommend this comforter set as well as this pillow and they are gonna offer you guys also some discount so I’m gonna have all the links down below in the description box so don’t forget to check that out okay so this is this nice stand as you can see all I have is the humidifier this is the cooling humidifier because in dry winter months we.

Won all the moisture back in the air so it’s really important to have the cooling one so this one is from Vicks and we got it.

From Amazon also he do have the tissue paper the watches there and hon Man G is right down there it’s because he of course we all believe in Han man G so much and he feel protected when he’s there so that’s the reason I just put him down there and also just two weeks tears in case at middle of the night if he wants it he can just grab it from there this side I.

Do have this blue sofa it is actually so far compared so whenever he has a friends over we can just make this as a bed and they can sleep there or sometimes even.

Actually my younger son wants to come here and sleep here so that’s what we do and it’s actually really comfortable so we got it from Ikea and it match here and as you can see you can see the road there you can see the car going so sometimes even I come here in the afternoon and.

Just to have a cup of coffee or chai or something and just look out because it’s really calm it’s really relaxing and you know my son even sit here and just read the book so it’s this corner is really good okay so now let’s talk about the closet as you can see there is a three basket of the.

And those are empty because I just got rid off at some of the stuff so those three are empty next to that what you see there is the lamp and that is the Easter lamp which my.