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Mom gave it to my older son when it was his first Easter and next to that there is a Abraham B box and.

That one has a sweater in it which I gifted my husband but I think it’s too big for him or something was there so we just didn’t return it I kept it so I was like my son will wear it so that’s what it is and next to that there is actually a.

Box and that box has all his certificates my older sons certificates so that’s what I have in there and like I say there is a three Ben and I got those pin from Target but they all are empty so on this side of course he got more clothes than this but some of.
Them I just got get rid of it so the.

Way I organize kids clothes it is all the short sleeve is front and then the long sleeve and then all the dressy clothes it’s after that so the dressy.

Clothes they are not wearing every single day so of course there’s no reason for me to hang it up front so those basically goes in the back and it’s the same thing for this side also so these are all his.

Pants and shorts and like I mentioned I’ll show the other clothes which I still need to I on it so there is a lot of them once I iron it of course this entire thing will be fill.

But all the way in the back all his shorts aren’t there now winter is there he’s not gonna wear it so I push it all the way back there.

These are all his dressy pant again he doesn’t wear that every single day and these are the pants which he wears every single day so that I kept it right.
Here so on his dresser as you can see we do have few of his trophy the.

He want that in the spelling bee so we had a County Spelling Bee and he was in top ten so that’s his trophy from there also we do have that one actually we got it from Dubai when we been there.

So just a few stuff again you know he’s like me he doesn’t like too much.

Flutters he likes to keep it clean so that’s what I have there and this is the first chore so first of all this organizing thing.

In here let me back you up little bit so this organizing bin I got it from Ikea it is very reasonable price and you can fit in there however you like it so on this side as.

You can see his all socks is there than there is there all his do and those extra stuff because the one he uses that’s actually in the bathroom but these are the extras so whenever he runs out there.

He can grab it from here and when he’d run out from here then he knows to tell me so I can buy the new one back here we do have all his watch and all.

That on this side just random stuff and that’s about it so.

I organize his stops of course you know he can keep it the way it should be doesn’t get too messy and this bins are really good I’m gonna link.

All the stuff down below in the description box to this second drawer as you can see there is some stationery stuff here of course they do have their desk and chair and all.

Their supply done in the basement but here these are some extra and he just kept it here because sometimes he also come here and do the homework so then he doesn’t want to go all the way down in the basement to get something so that’s why he has few of his top here and this thing.

He made it in his art class so that’s the reason we kept it it is ceramic and I guess it is like a pen holder I don’t know what it is but I just kept it because he made this when he was in second grade I believe it was a Mother’s Day and they made it in his clothes of course I’m not gonna let this though you know so I kept this you know of.

Course more Himanshu picture is there as well as some of the stationery back.

Belt is there so in the last door we.

Have some picture frames as well as the Mickey head and those two we got it from Disney Vault and they are customized so their name is also there and back there all the way that you see the blue color that is.

His blankie band he was baby I used to use that for him and of course it’s soft and cuddly and he likes it so we just kept it of course he doesn’t use it anymore but just for the.

Memory we kept it and this one is also Indian outfit which of course doesn’t fit them anymore but I like the color combination so much so I was like I can do DIY for something so that’s the reason.

I kept it there on this side I have the Tavor.

Fan so if some time if he wants to use it he can use it or anybody in the house if they want it they can use that also.

Backpack now in that backpack all I have is the old games which they once an evolved feel like playing so it is this Ethel tower was down there because it’s so heavy.

And actually my parents give it to my older son so.

Instead of putting right here I just.

Put it down in the corner so this is.

For watching this video I hope this video is helpful to you again thank you to honeymoon fashion company as well as the comfort and relax company to gifting me.

This comforter set as well as the best pillow in.

This world I will see you guys soon in my next video don’t forget to.

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