Matthew Shepard Remembered At National Cathedral

We remember before you this day our brother Matthew and all who have lost their lives to violent acts of hate we pray that the gifts of all your lesbian gay bisexual transgender and queer children may be recognized welcomed and celebrated in the world and in your church and your holy name we pray which comes from Reggie Flutie who.

That was the good Lord no doubt in my mind into something good the.

Hate crimes bill the federal hate crimes bill was passed and it bore not only Matthews name but that of James Byrd the african-american in Texas who was chained and dragged behind a pickup truck until one arm and his head were severed from his body and the reason we need to remember that is that the bigger picture here is what.

We human beings tend to do which is to label someone different.

As other which is code for not really human and then you can do anything to them that you like.

They seems to have died and their departure was thought to from the love of Christ violence takes lots of forms and right now the transgender community is the target there are forces about who would erase them from America.

Deny them the right they have to define themselves and they need us to stand with them that’s the kind of transformation today makes possible – Judy and Dennis and Logan and Marlo thank you for your generosity and sharing that with us this will be the part where I cry so I have three things I want to say to Matt gently rest in this.
Place you are safe now oh yeah and Matt welcome home I’m in..