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Hey guys welcome back to my channel today’s video is part two of the three part series that I started a few weeks ago where I talked everything online ESL teaching that is teaching English as a second language online part two is all about nailing the interview process how do you pass the interview and get the job before I.

Get started with the tips let me give you a little bit of information so once you apply and the company feels that your application or your resume is a.

Good fit they will go ahead and email you asking you or rather inviting you to an interview as soon as you accept that then they will go ahead and email you again giving you your demo lesson so what is a demo lesson a demo lesson is basically where the interviewer will play the role of a.

Five or six year old you will play the role of the teacher so all these companies will already have the lesson created for you you do not need to do anything so they have a different or a particular topic that they want you to cover and how long will this last.

Usually 10 to 15 minutes but basically the entire.

Process entire interview process usually will last say 30 minutes so that first 15 minutes will be spent talking about you and your experience your education background and then the last part will be where you will do the demo lesson and so they’ll have different.

Have very easy topics for example it could be my family my friends these simple topics that you can engage with a five or six year old who just started learning English now also another thing to note unless otherwise specified a lot of these kids have the basics.

Down so they know hello and how are you how old are you stuff like that but this will then lead me to the number one tip that your interviewer wants to see is you want to keep your language simple this is very.

Very important these students already speaking and they’re learning a new language.

So you do not want to complicate your instructions if you want to make it as simple as possible so you use a very very simple language that they will be able to grasp and understand and process in their brain so that they can then answer you and reply to whatever question you have so keep it simple the number two tip is use a lot of TP r so.

T PR stands for total physical response so you want to use a lot of body movement and gestures so usually when I start my class I always ask my students can you see me can you hear me great so stuff like that um and then this is also a good way to reward your students as well I do a.

Lot of high fives in my class and stuff like that and so you want to use gestures as much as possible so that the student will be able to tell oh this is what this means when the student when the teacher.

Does this they mean this and and I think it’s also kind of it makes you very animated which for kids I think that can be very exciting.

As well and the other tip is reward your students as much as possible so your students are bound to make a lot of mistakes and that’s fine and you should correct them but you.

Also want to reward your students this way it.

Encourages them so now a lot of these companies have a video online platform where you get to teach your students and this platform will have different tools on there so they’ll have a way for you to underline a particular sentence that you want them to read they also have a reward system on there built-in so they have.

Other companies have diamonds that you can.

Reward your students with or stars or you can also create your own reward system if you like but what you want to do is as.

Soon as the student reads the sentence you can be you could reward them and tell the great job awesome job and this also goes into the TPR where you could say good job awesome clap your hands and give them a high-five stuff like that this.

To your student and they’ll be more motivated to want to learn the other tip is try to use props so props are anything that you have on hand but you can try to use or.

Be part of the lesson also have a whiteboard that I will draw things on there and ask my students to guess.

Write something down and ask them to read or you can.

Also use like a children’s book and this way can this can also be very exciting out but sometimes some I see it oh this is my favorite book what is your favorite book and then we can conversation about some of their.

Favorite books this gets them really excited and some of my sins will go ahead and like show me some of their favorite books that they’re reading or show me.

Something that they’ve been reading and so it is very very exciting for them when you use props and try and this just makes them feel oh.

This class is really really fun the other tip is to be enthusiastic to be energetic your students want to see an enthusiastic teacher.

Someone who is excited to engage with them to teach them to have a conversation with them and um if you have a smile on your face you’re more likely to sign up for your class next time those are the five tips on how to nail your interview process and finally get that.

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