No Rub No Love! (complete Fail!)

December 29, 2018

Yo what’s up everybody welcome back to another video I hope you guys are having an amazing day cuz I am but I’m also rea

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Pisces – Identifying & Healing Issues In Your Love Relationship – Nov. 2018

December 28, 2018

Hi Pisces it’s Tanya here from celestial synergy today we’re doing love relationship readings for November 2018 so from

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7 Reasons Why None Of Your Relationships Worked Out – Youqueen

June 21, 2018

None of your relationships worked out in the past and you’re wondering if he was the problem or you. Well, the answer might shock you. Read on to find out! How many guys did you go out on a date in the past few months or a year? How many of them have you been […]

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How To Say I Love You For The First Time

June 18, 2018

Whether they’re in a first or a 50th relationship, people are always wondering how to say I love you for the first time without making a fool of themselves. Saying I love you to somebody, especially for the first time, can be one of the most nerve-wracking, daunting, and most exciting times in any relationship. […]

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7 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Falling More In Love With You Each Day – Youqueen

June 11, 2018

When we have a new boyfriend, we know he is into us, but what about signs that prove he is starting to fall in love with us? Here are 7 to look out for! You’ve been eyeing this guy for a long time now, and you two finally start dating. Every time you are together, […]

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How To Choose A Wedding Date In 8 Easy Steps

June 3, 2018

It has been more than a year since you’ve got engaged, so now it’s the perfect time to plan a wedding. We will teach you how to choose a wedding date easily. With the average engagement about 14 months long, you will be surprised at how quickly time will speed by as you set out […]

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10 Obvious Signs You’re In A Toxic Marriage

May 4, 2018

Sometimes, it is hard to see if you’re in a toxic marriage and how it is negatively affecting your life. Here are some things to consider if you are unsure whether your relationship truly is “for better”. When you are married, it can be tough to see the negativity in your partner. They may not […]

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