What Does Tech And Treble Do?

November 8, 2018

Hi my name is Aidan and my name is Anthony were the founders of an initiative called tech and trouble as you may already

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Logan The Techgician – Free Tech Support + Tech Discussions + Hearthstone + Hourly Giveaways

November 6, 2018

Sorry about that guys had how to end that stream because I showed something that I should have shown you know and this i

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After Higgs, Ramped-up Collider Hunts For Next Puzzle

June 14, 2018

Don Lincoln is a senior scientist at the U.S. Department of Energy's Fermilab, America's largest Large Hadron Collider research institution. He also writes about science for the public, including his recent "The Large Hadron Collider: The Extraordinary Story of the Higgs Boson and Other Things That Will Blow Your Mind" (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014). […]

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Apple Ceo Reveals Tech Giant Is Working On Ai For Self-driving Cars

June 5, 2018

Apple has spent years working on a car project that has been kept shrouded in secrecy — until now. During an interview with Bloomberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook said the auto industry is experiencing disruption from three avenues: electric cars, ride-sharing companies and self-driving technology. And driverless cars, Cook revealed, is something that Apple has been […]

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New Bitterness Blocker Makes Food Seem Sweeter

June 3, 2018

Swallowing cold medicine or drinking diet beverages could become a more pleasant experience thanks to a new compound that blocks taste buds' ability to detect bitter flavors.  The compound, whose discovery was reported today at the American Chemical Society's National Meeting and Exposition in Anaheim, Calif., could be added to foods and beverages to make […]

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Portable Device Reads Any Text Aloud

May 30, 2018

K-NFB, a portable device that scans any available text and reads it back to visually impaired people, will be on sale in the UK by July of 2006. The device was developed by Ray Kurzweil. The device takes a few seconds to process the image; when processing is done, it reads the text aloud. The […]

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Stingray Robot Uses Light-activated Rat Cells To Swim

May 28, 2018

A new robot stingray can swim with help from an unexpected source: muscle cells that were taken from rat hearts, a new study finds. Understanding how to build machines from heart cells could lead to scientists being able to build entire living artificial hearts from muscle cells that would act more like natural hearts, the […]

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